Low-Waste Bathroom Essentials: All You Need to Know

Creating an eco-friendly bathroom doesn’t have to be difficult.

From sustainable products to simple habits that reduce waste, transforming your bathroom can be straightforward and impactful.

Here at The A Team Cleaning Services, we believe in practical steps toward a cleaner, greener future. Dive into our guide for all the essentials you need.

What Are the Best Eco-Friendly Bathroom Products

Switching to eco-friendly bathroom products can make a significant difference. Here are some essential swaps that promote sustainability.

Organic and Sustainable Soap and Shampoo Bars

Commercial liquid soap and shampoo often come in plastic bottles, contributing to the more than 552 million shampoo bottles discarded annually in the U.S. Opting for organic and sustainable soap and shampoo bars is a straightforward swap that reduces plastic waste. These bars typically come in compostable or minimal packaging, are often made with natural ingredients, and last longer than their liquid counterparts. Brands like Ethique and Lush offer a variety of these sustainable bars.

Biodegradable Toothpaste and Toothbrushes

Over 1 billion plastic toothbrushes are discarded in North America each year. Replacing your plastic toothbrush with one made from bamboo significantly reduces plastic waste. Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and equally effective. For toothpaste, biodegradable toothpaste tablets are an excellent alternative to traditional tubes. These tablets reduce plastic use and are easier to transport. Bite and Georganics are notable brands offering these eco-friendly options.

Reusable Makeup Removers and Cotton Pads

Single-use cotton pads and makeup removers lead to unnecessary waste. Switching to reusable makeup remover pads can dramatically decrease this impact. Brands like LastRound and Marley’s Monsters provide durable, washable alternatives to single-use cotton rounds. These reusable pads can last for years, reducing the millions of cotton pads disposed of annually. This change not only cuts waste but also saves money in the long run.

Additional Considerations

Consider incorporating other sustainable bathroom products, such as reusable safety razors and compostable packages for deodorants. Making these changes may seem small, but collectively, they have a significant environmental impact. For further insights on eco-friendly bathroom transformations, you might find this guide helpful.

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Reducing Plastic in the Bathroom

Switching to Refillable Containers

Refillable containers offer a straightforward solution to reducing plastic waste. Instead of buying new plastic bottles for soap, lotion, or other toiletries, consider purchasing products in bulk and transferring them to reusable glass or stainless steel containers. This change helps cut down on single-use plastics and reduces the energy used in the recycling process. Additionally, many brands now offer refill stations, especially in eco-conscious stores.

Using Metal or Glass Razor Handles

Disposable razors contribute to the over 2 billion pieces of plastic waste generated annually. Instead, invest in a high-quality metal or glass razor handle, such as a stainless steel safety razor. These razors provide a closer shave, last for years, and only require periodic blade replacements, which are more environmentally friendly. The initial cost might be higher, but the long-term savings and environmental benefits make this switch worthwhile.

Avoiding Single-Use Plastics

Eliminating single-use plastics is another significant step towards a greener bathroom. Products like single-use cotton swabs, plastic dental floss containers, and disposable cleansing wipes can be replaced with sustainable alternatives. Opt for bamboo cotton swabs, dental floss in glass containers with metal dispensers, and reusable cleansing cloths. These choices significantly reduce landfill waste and often perform better than their disposable counterparts.

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For more eco-friendly bathroom solutions, refer to our guide on biodegradable cleaning products.

What Are Sustainable Bathroom Habits

Transforming your bathroom into a sustainable space goes beyond product swaps. The habits you adopt can make a substantial impact on your environmental footprint.

Water-Saving Techniques

Water usage is a major concern in maintaining a sustainable bathroom. Installing low-flow showerheads can reduce water consumption by up to 50%. These showerheads maintain water pressure while conserving water. Additionally, fixing leaky faucets immediately can save up to 3,000 gallons of water per year per household.

Can You Cut Water Use in Half?

Shortening shower time is another effective measure. The average shower uses about 17 gallons of water. Cutting your shower by just a few minutes can make a significant difference over a year. Furthermore, turning off the tap while brushing your teeth or shaving can save around 8 gallons of water daily.

DIY Cleaning Solutions

Conventional bathroom cleaners often contain chemicals harmful to both health and the environment. Creating your own cleaning solutions is a safer and more eco-friendly alternative. A mix of vinegar and baking soda can tackle most cleaning jobs, from scrubbing sinks to cleaning grout. Adding essential oils like tea tree or lavender can enhance the cleaning power and add a pleasant scent.

For the toilet, a combination of baking soda and vinegar works wonders. Let it sit for a few minutes before scrubbing. These DIY cleaners not only reduce chemical exposure but also cut down on plastic packaging waste.

Proper Recycling Practices

Proper recycling habits are essential for reducing bathroom waste. Start by placing a small recycling bin in your bathroom to make it easier to recycle items like shampoo bottles and toilet paper rolls. Check the labels on your bathroom products to understand what can be recycled. Items like toothpaste tubes and plastic floss containers often end up in landfills because people assume they can’t be recycled. Some brands have recycling programs for such products.

Composting is another practical step. Hair trimmings and cotton swabs with paper stems can go into your compost bin. This practice diverts these items from landfills, reducing your overall waste.

Taking these simple, actionable steps makes a big difference. For more information on creating an efficient eco-cleaning schedule, see this guide.

Small changes lead to big impacts, and adopting these sustainable habits is a step in the right direction.


Creating a low-waste bathroom is a practical and impactful way to reduce your environmental footprint. By incorporating sustainable products such as soap and shampoo bars, biodegradable toothbrushes and toothpaste, and reusable makeup remover pads, you can significantly cut down on plastic waste. These changes not only benefit the planet but also offer a cost-effective and convenient alternative to single-use items.

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Adopting sustainable bathroom habits like using water-saving techniques, DIY cleaning solutions, and proper recycling practices further enhances your efforts towards a greener lifestyle. Simple actions such as installing low-flow showerheads, shortening shower times, and creating homemade cleaners can save resources and reduce harmful chemicals in your home. Properly sorting and recycling bathroom items ensures that fewer products end up in landfills, promoting a cleaner environment.

Embracing these small changes can lead to significant environmental benefits over time. Not only will you reduce waste and conserve resources, but you will also create a healthier and more sustainable bathroom space. We encourage you to start making these changes today and contribute to a cleaner, greener future.

At The A Team Cleaning Services, we are committed to helping you maintain a spotless and sustainable home. Whether you need professional house cleaning or tailored cleaning plans, our experienced cleaners use high-quality products and equipment to ensure your living environment is pristine. For more sustainable bathroom tips, check out our eco-friendly cleaning hacks and biodegradable cleaning products guides.

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